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Blue awnings hang over doors and windows of a business in a brick building.
Wooden artwork in a floor says
Rounded green awnings hang over windows on a brick building.
A commemorative plaque for the Fanny Farmer Memorial Park.

Our Additional Expert Services

At Blashfield Sign Company, Inc., we take pride in offering more than just signs; our sundry services encompass a diverse array of additional products. From custom awnings that redefine your space to durable indoor/outdoor custom rugs, designed and crafted with precision by our team, we go beyond traditional signage. Elevate your property with our custom mailboxes, uniquely designed, built, and installed to reflect your individual style. With a commitment to excellence, we transform spaces, ensuring every detail, from the initial concept to the final installation, meets the highest standards. Our unique services are a testament to our dedication to creativity, craftsmanship, and exceeding your expectations.


We extend our expertise beyond traditional signage to offer a diverse range of awnings that redefine the aesthetics of your space. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every detail, with various fabrics and covers to suit your unique style. From soffit panels to intricate details, we tailor awnings that provide shade and become a distinctive feature of your business or residence. Discover the perfect blend of functionality and design with our comprehensive awning solutions.

Our awnings are offered in styles of waterfall, slant, marquee, quarter barrel, shed, gable marquee, radius end waterfall, dome, and dome with sign panels.

A red awning extends over the walkway entrance to a brick building.
A green and white striped awning hangs over a business entrance.
A red circular awning over the business for Center Pharmacy.
A wrap-around black awning for the building of Systel Business Equipment.

Custom Rugs

Our team prides itself on going beyond traditional signage, offering a unique touch with our custom rugs. Our durable indoor/outdoor custom rugs, available in one color or full color, are the perfect blend of practicality and personalization. Ideal for entryways, these rugs not only withstand the wear and tear of daily use but also make a lasting impression. Whether you aim for a seamless brand experience or want to add a touch of flair to your home, our custom rugs are crafted with precision and style. Elevate your space with our distinctive rugs that speak volumes about your individuality and attention to detail.

A square black rug for Nomads, Group Support Battalion 3rd SFG (A).
Two rectangular gray rugs with artwork for 4th Military Information Support Group (Airborne).
A blue rug with artwork for the U.S. Air Force Airman Leadership School.
A rectangular gray rug for 525th Military Intelligence Brigade.

Custom Mailboxes

We’re proud to create custom mailboxes that are designed, built, and installed by our expert team. Elevate the curb appeal of your property with mailboxes that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetic charm. Our team ensures every detail is meticulously crafted, offering a personalized touch to suit your style. From classic to contemporary designs, our custom mailboxes become a distinctive feature that reflects your individuality. Trust us for a seamless experience — from conceptualization to installation. Our goal is to bring your unique mailbox vision to life.

A black mailbox sits on a brown post with greenand gold address lettering.
A creative mailbox on a sculpted post and detailed box.

Site Surveys & Contract Installations

Our team understands the critical role of site surveys and contract installations in ensuring the success of your signage projects. Our experienced team conducts meticulous site surveys to gather essential information, allowing us to tailor our solutions to your unique space. From assessing dimensions to considering local regulations, we leave no detail unexamined. Regarding contract installations, our dedicated professionals bring expertise and precision to every project. We manage the entire process seamlessly, from initial consultation to final installation, ensuring that your signs not only meet but exceed expectations.

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